Max Domi And Orion; A Man And His Dog Create A Dynamic Duo Off The Ice

Published On October 30, 2015 | By Jason Harrison | B-Sides

While you watch Max Domi speed by opponents and cross up goalies on the ice, he is doing so with a disadvantage that few other NHL hockey players have possessed. Domi suffers from Type 1 Diabetes, a trait he shares with Flyers’ legend Bobby Clarke who also wore #16. While the hurdles he faces day-to-day to compete just like his teammates are different, Max has found some unique ways to tackle them.

On top of his regular regimen which includes checking his blood sugar “after the warm-up and subsequently at the 10-minute mark and conclusion of each period”, Max Domi is the owner of a service dog. Orion is a 70 lb. yellow lab who helps him regulate his blood sugar by alerting his owner when he senses a shift. The relationship of Domi and Orion was chronicled in this wonderful article written by AZ Central’s Sarah McLellan. In essence, Orion works as a fail-safe for his owner’s regular diabetes regimen and testing, while #16 gets the opportunity to spend his days with a beautiful lab that he calls “his best buddy” and that his mother Leanne notes behaves much like “Max in dog form”.

On the ice, the Arizona Coyotes rookie is a sight to behold. A sight that has been missing in the desert and at Gila River Arena for some time.

While he sits near the top of the scoring leaderboard for rookies, Orion sits at the top of whatever measurement you’ve got for dogs.

Save percentage? .999%. PDO PDA? Always ready for a good cuddle. Cuteness/60? Off the charts.

Check out AZ Central’s interview with Domi and Orion and prepare for the feels.

A pinch of hockey. A beautiful dog. Max Domi. The Arizona Coyotes. Four parts of a perfect match.