NHL Predictions. What Does The Hockey World Think About This Year’s Coyotes?

Published On October 2, 2015 | By Jason Harrison | Editorials

There’s no thing that spells hockey is almost here quite like some predictions from pundits, analysts, talking heads, and other general ne’er-do-wells. While we think we know what everyone else thinks they know about the 2015-16 Arizona Coyotes, I thought it’d be interesting to break it down.

So let’s dive in:

Grantland’s Sean McIndoe – 2015-16 NHL Preview, Part 1: The Bottom-Feeders

Where will the Yotes finish? – The article title kind of gives it a way, no?

The opinion – “Watchability index: 3/10. Watching a team in clear rebuilding mode always sounds like more fun that it really is. You think, Cool, a bunch of young guys, let’s see how they’re doing. Then five minutes later, you go I want to watch a good team now and reach for the remote.”

McIndoe doesn’t seem to rate much on Domi and Duclair (assuming that the pair makes the team) along with OEL, which is disappointing but not surprising. I think 3/10 on watchability is a bit harsh if you’re an impartial viewer and any of these young players are on the team and get going. If you’re a true fan of the Coyotes? I agree. It will be daunting.

Bleacher Report’s Carol Schram – 2015-16 NHL Predictions: Preview and Picks for Pacific Division

Where will the Yotes finish? – The Bottom-Dweller: Arizona Coyotes

The opinion – “Expect to see a more competitive Coyotes team this season, but don’t expect them to collect enough points to surpass Connor McDavid’s Edmonton Oilers and get out of the Pacific Division basement.”

Carol Schram hits the heart of the matter. Though the Coyotes should theoretically improve on last season, everyone else in their division has also improved. The Oilers are unlikely to continue being a doormat along with the Yotes, and there is no other name on the Pacific Division list that looks to fall far enough for the Coyotes to surpass without a Nashville Predators/Calgary Flames style resurgence.

The Score’s Justin Bourne – The final 2015-16 NHL standings, brought to you in August 2015

Where will the Yotes finish? – 7th in division, last in the NHL

The opinion – “As for Arizona … Auston Matthews is supposed to be very, very good.”

Auston Matthews is the prize the Coyotes are likely looking out for yet another rough year. It’s not the prize that fans want to see the team competing for, but realistically it’s the only “trophy” attainable in 2015-16. For me, the hope that Domi and whatever other youngsters remain with him in the NHL show some progression is the only realistic goal.

Puck Daddy’s Greg Wyshysnki – Puck Daddy’s Pacific division preview

Where will the Yotes finish? – 7th

The opinion – “The Arizona Coyotes are going to be hot garbage, albeit entertaining hot garbage. Like, you know, when you throw out buffalo wings and a few beer bottles – that kind of garbage.”

In reality, Wysh is probably right. That’s not what a Coyotes fan wants to hear. Hopefully he’s at least dead-on with the entertaining part of his opinion. If we see more of this:

…I can’t say I’ll be too disappointed.

The hockey world thinks we’ll be in the gutter…just like we expected them to. There is lots of talk about our young prospects and the promise of the future. I hope we see some of that magic.